Why did Tabitha Brown go viral on Tik Tok?


I was recently using a certain website called buzzSumo. I started there to search for some trending stories of the day in order to find inspiration for a blog post. At this moment, I do not have any blog posts about cooking yet. The blog posts of this week are going to celebrate my love of cooking and food. I am going to explore how you can integrate your love of cooking with digital media. In this blog post we are going to talk about a person who has done an exquisite job in combining these two passions. We are going to discuss why Tabitha brown went viral on Tik Tok.

Tabitha Brown

Who is Tabitha Brown?

Her succes story

Tabitha Brown is a 41 year old African-American actress, a wife, a mother, and a fashion designeer from Eden, North Carolina. She is well known for her recent succes on Tik Tok. She creates videos on Tik Tok about vegan recipes. She creates stories around these meals in a way that feels very authentic and a bit “southern-style”. Young people apparently love the style she uses in her video because she has over 3 million subscribers on the platform. That is a big achievement, considering that she only started on March 8, 2020. She also uses the platform to give positive affirmations. She tells young people that it is fine to be themselves and to keep believing in the future

“If you got somebody’s heart, baby, you got their ear.”— Tabitha Brown

Her background

She did not have the most direct path to succes. She lost her mother to ALS. She never really got a challenging acting role where she could showcase her amazing talents. She had roles in movies like ‘Outrighteous’, ‘Princess Of The Row’, and the award winning ‘I Am Still Here’. She also had parts in TV dramas like ‘Family Time’ and ‘Switched At Birth’. She even had a comedy sketch on the popular Ellen Degeneres show. I bet most of you have not seen her works.

Her transition to a vegan diet

One day in 2017, she bought a vegan wrap at Whole Foods and made a Facebook video about how much she loved the wrap. That video was watched for more than 50,000 times. Afterwards, she changed her life and started to eat a whole vegan diet. She always had been dealing with a lot of chronic pain. She felt that these pains were much more under control because of her vegan diet.

In March, she started to make vegan cooking videos after some prodding from her daughter. Never did she assume these videos were going to blow up and become popular. She is really relatable, authentic, and funny. In one interview, she explained that one of the reasons why she keeps the camera so close to her face is it to make the affirmation feel more real.


Sometimes the only way to get away is thru your food! Raisin bread French toast anyone? #vegan #tabithabrown

♬ original sound – iamtabithabrown
This is a typical example of her videos on Tik Tok

What lessons can we learn from her?

Veganism can be made accessible.

There is still something about plant-based food that does not make it so accesible. I cannot recall a great vegan recipe but if you would ask me to remember a meat dish, that would not be any problem.
There are more issues I would be confronted with when I would go vegan. When I go to the supermarket, I am always drawn to the silent squeals (forgive the pun) of delicious pork chops for no reason. Summer is also fast approaching and a lot of pork chops will be grilled on a bbq.

The issue is not that we do not know that eating plant-based foods could be a smart move to help the environment. The obstacle is that vegan food feels too high-end in our mind. It does not feel like anything I would to do for the rest of my life. If you go vegan, it seems you have to give up a certain part of your social life (Which social life?). Tabitha Brown shows us that you can make every recipe, vegan.

There is nothing high-end or culinary about her recipes. They are just dead simple to follow. She shows recipes you thought you would never be able to veganize. Has anyone ever heard about vegan carrot bacon? I did not, until I watched her videos.

Vegan carrot bacon

Tik Tok virality

She is killing the Tik Tok social media platform with over 3 million followers. Her secret is to just be herself and to give people support during lockdown. There is the opportunity, baby!

There is so much opportunity on Tik Tok for everybody who has a message to bring! If you have a passion, a hobby, or a job that you can share, now is the moment to do so. She went viral by just being her authentic self. When you can kill the game of virality by just showing who you are, you are playing the game in a very smart way.

Life lessons

Certain lessons she gives are told in such a calm voice that are so soothing to your soul. You have no other option than listen to her. She looks straight into the camera and says whatever is on her mind. I will share a couple of these life lessons on this blog.

It is not early or late. Your dreams matter if you believe.

You have to stop seeing time as a limiting factor. It is not because you have reached a certain age, that it becomes impossible to learn new skills. We tend to underestimate our own capacities but we overestimate our future selves. When we keep on talking about negative stuff to ourselves and when we are always afraid of trying new things, most likely our future selves will not be the version we have imagined them to be.

You can be an artist and start your own creations right now. I have said this before but most likely it is your own mindset that is holding you back. Tabitha said this in two sentences but I needed a whole paragraph to convince you of the truth that is lurking behind these two short sentences.

You are enough.

When we were born on this planet, we did not really care about others. As babies, we were pretty egocentric in order to survive. Egocentrism is not something to really brag about and most of the time, it is shaped by the expectations of others. We think we need to change in order to fulfill the requirements of being a good human being.

What babies tend to do, is to set their own priorities high and they do not care about others except their parents. When it comes down to babies these priorities are food, social connection, and sleep. When it comes to you as an adult there is also fulfilment, responsibility, and social security that play a big role. All of these priorities can be fulfilled by just being yourself. When you realize that you do not have to become someone else to succeed in life, you are ready to make your dreams come true!

Your world needs you right now; don’t take your life. You matter, you are enough, and you are more.”
― Olawale Daniel

You do not fit in because you we are meant to stand out.

This is one of those cheesy sentences that I could not get away with saying out loud. Luckily, Tabitha did it before me. As you all know, I love to be quirky in extracting all the happiness there is out of life. You should also accept all the crazy, non-conventional parts of yourself. They do not make two versions of you! You need to be different if you want to live a life by your own means. Please, do not see standing out as becoming popular! Standing out needs to be interpreted as the fact that others look up to your courage. The courage you show by being you and not anybody else. The courage that goes along with expressing authenticity.

Why is Tabitha so succesful? She gives affirmations and tells stories that people want to hear. She dares to address their insecurities. She is a safety net for most people. In these insecure times, she is the person that people are searching for.

Life lessons that helped Tabitha Brown go viral on Tik Tok
Summary of the life lessons above

Her virality was a surprise.

She did not even want to make these kind of videos. She actually wanted to become an actress but because she saw the opportunities and positive responses, she did not hold back and went all in! She took a lot of risks with spending all her time on this one platform.
If you feel that one task needs all your attention, you should be able to gather all your focus and commit to this one task. By commiting to certain risks and allowing some randomness in your life, you have a higher chance that these unexpected things, like virality, can happen to you.

The reason Tabitha Brown went viral in Tik Tok still feels like a suprise
In life, luck is reseved for the ones who try


She also dealt with depression and anxiety attacks. She also has a past with a lot of scars and wounds. She now has a story to tell because she allowed herself to get stronger and learn from these events. There is honesty and humility in her story that makes people look into their own selves and reflect on their own behaviors. Even though she never saw that she could be a role model, she has now definitely become one.

The purpose of sharing.

The sole thing that Tabitha did, was sharing recipes and inspirational messages. Yes, she did it on her own unique and humorous way. The purpose of sharing content is connection. That is the reason sharing helps you to form stronger bonds and helps you with being liked by a digital audience. The biggest secret to crush social media is to share your personal story. Maybe you will not reach millions of people but most likely you will encounter a couple of beautiful people who will support you for the rest of your life.


Tabitha Brown is such a refreshing soul to see go viral on social media. She proves that there is no limit to your dreams. Do not ever use age, incompetence, or criticisms as an excuse again! You can also start sharing your message like she does. When you love cooking, you can share your recipes with other people. When you love dancing and singing, you can start to share that also regardless of your competence level. You will feel relatable to people if you embrace to express yourself fully. You will realize you are just enough the way you are! Keep creating, keep going, and maybe, I will hear from you in a couple of years!

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