What are the five benefits of being quirky?

Have you also been called weird when you were being awkward or silent at a given event? Have you sometimes felt out of place and felt that you couldn’t relate to your peers? Have you also felt that there were no benefits to being called quirky? There is nothing weird about experiencing these kind of feelings. In fact, it’s even helpful to call yourself different, special and weird in a positive sense.

But how do we handle these insecurities that come along with the feeling of being weird? How the heck does being weird even has benefits?

Spoiler alert: Being weird is the best thing you could do to celebrate your own unique personality. There is nothing weird about being weird, at least from my perspective.

everybody is quirky!

For god sake, let’s give weirdness a different definition. A definition that can help us to get some of this positive psychology bullshit in action.

We won’t use this alternative definition because we feel posh. But because we want to give a positive message about being weird. Yes, that touches again the theme of this awful thing called positive psychology. I’m only human, so give me a break.

I’m saying it out loud! The world needs to see awkwardness at a different level. We need to elevate the personal experience of this concept! The only way we can achieve that is by looking at it from a different perspective.

Btw: The next article I will have to talk about being normal. So people don’t think I believe in concepts like growth mindset and other grey areas of self-improvement.

Different words to use as opposed to weird

What does quirkiness even mean?

Let’s get this big dictionary of Cambridge out of the closet and examine the meaning of quirkiness. This definition will me mind blowing. I promise you.

Quirkiness is the quality of being unusual in an attractive and interesting way

Even in the dictionary they talk about a QUALITY. In one of the driest forms of literature, they equalize being weird with a quality. If you still don’t believe my words, then head over to the next paragraph.

You can even be attractive when you’re being weird. What? Everything the world has told you about attractiveness has been a lie? You don’t need to be average in order to be liked and to be appreciated. Say what?

Why do I tell you all these stuff?

You need be able to be comfortable with being your true authentic self. Yes,that does sound extremely cheesy! But in order to become that authentic person, you have to challenge your own belief about this perfect social picture. This perfect picture of the normal life you should have. You can and should be somewhat distinct of others in order to extract most out of life.

The day somebody called me quirky, it changed my perspective

In the next section I’m going to elaborate on the benefits of being quirky. So please stick with me. I know you’re thinking about checking your Instagram feed right now. That’s what normal people would do. But you are not normal!

Let’s break down these 5 benefits

Quirky habits

There is nothing more satisfying then enjoying your own special series of habits. This is one of the first benefits of being quirky. Maybe you still like to play with teddy bears. I assure you that I didn’t notice the double meaning of this sentence until I started to write him down. Celebrate the way you eat, walk, sleep, talk and live! These quirky habits can even help you to perform better in other domains of your life. Most of the greatest thinkers of our time had a lot of “weird” habits. Having these habits can give you fresh insights in your job and make you more likely to think outside the box.

And always remember: They don’t make a second version of you. It’s your job to judge if that’s good thing or not. But I guess you know the answer.

You’re passionate

When you don’t judge yourself for holding on to these weird habits in the first place, then you can start to pursue them with passion. Life is so much more enjoyable if you’re passionate about it. People will tell you to stay with you two feet on the ground. They will try to convince you to stay safe and follow the mindless crowds. Don’t follow this advice expect if you want to live a life according to the means of other people. Ultimately they only really care about their own life. Like you should too!!

People will always question your quirkiness

You’re not serious all the time

Don’t you think there is something serious wrong with people who always seem to be cold sober? Off course I’m somewhat biased as I want to defend my own personality. But life can be more joyful when we don’t take ourselve so sincere. Not always being serious is the third benefit of the five benefits of being quirky.

Don’t get me wrong. I like long discussions where I pretend to be smart. But I also like to laugh and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. As a quirky person that should feel like second nature to you. You can’t remember a single day you haven’t been laughing. You can’t even remember why you started to read this blog post. Maybe you have a memory problem and you should book a doctor’s appointment. What a coincidence, I happen to be a doctor. My number is 000-00000-007.

This next graphic is obviously a yoke. I like my doctors like I prefer my steak. Raw and seriously hot! And off course dead serious.

Even doctors can be quirky

You will never ever have boring conversations again

Do you also hate these boring, predictable conversations you have with your family or friends? Because you started to embrace your quirkiness, that shouldn’t be the case anymore. You can talk about all your weird habits. Talk about them with the same passion you have when practicing them. People will literally love you. You will be personally invited to their lock down parties (Ah, throw back 2020).

But that’s not the reason why we have exciting conversations. Off course our ego likes it if we have certain hobbies, just for the sake of being liked by other people. Even if your hobby is waterboarding, singing Frank Sinatra in the shower or designing cute dog clothes, then you should still allow yourself to practise it. Everything is acceptable. Don’t hold it back anymore.

Elza wants you to let go of your judgement

You always try out new stuff

There is more to life then a boring 9-5 job. As a quirky person you have all ready realized that fact 100 years before you were even born. You’re a very smart person! Today is the perfect day to try something new. You could maybe try to learn how to follow me on social media. It’s a bit of a tedious task to complete but every single day you will be rewarded by daily likes and comments.

It pays off to undertake new actions. Even if that means being courageous enough to try number 69 on the Chinese menu. You will always be amazed by the unexpected events that will happen to you. (Potentially food poisoning) You will get exposed to current change. These current switches will make you more able to handle future shifts in life. Nobody ever realized that being quirky means that you will build some resilience or even anti-fragility. Being different makes you more likely to survive this constant rat-race.

How to be more quirky

This is the shortest paragraph you will ever read. I will try to make very clear on how to become quirky and how to experience the benefits of that by using a beautiful home-made graphic. The idea is very simple. It’s so simple that my words on this screen seem to be pointless. So I finally decided to shut up. Hallelujah!

5 steps to become quirky


There are enough benefits of being quirky. There are also enough rationales to defend why you shouldn’t be afraid to be your true self. People are always going to have opinions about the work you’re doing. Don’t let these thoughts restrict you to be the person you want to become. There is only one limiting factor in this entire equation and that’s you.

Disclaimer: If you thought this post was a bit weird, then I have succeeded in my goal. There is no better way in defending quirkiness by being quirky yourself. Someone had to give a good example.

Now follow along and share more quirky, down-to-earth material from yourself on social media. I challenge you to do so!

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