How to start (again) with social media?

What’s the small fish principle?

A couple of months ago I started to get interested in the world of social media. For the first time of my life I started to think about how I could leverage the power of social media to be able to help people. I wanted to start and dive into the secret world of social media. I warn you that this experiment is especially going to be hard when you have always been living under a rock like me. Currently though I have started to experiment with a new kind of strategy. This strategy will be outlined in the next few paragraphs.

This is the moment you should get really excited as I’m going to give you this strategy for free. You should currently feel the dopamine kick going from your brain to your body. I maybe have to disappoint you that I will not give you a quick fix for your problems. Cause there is no such thing as a quick fix. Everyhting takes time to build up from scratch. If you don’t have any patience, this blog post will not be for you. Otherwise if you want to spend some time in growing your experience on social media, this theory should fit you very will.

Who inspired me to embark on this journey?

There is only one person that has helped me each time I felt down and that’s my mom. She has seen me in some really dark places. During a holiday in Switzerland I was really struggling to find meaning in my life. Nevertheless she still wanted to help me get through these hard times. There are not enough kind words to express my grattitude towards my mother. But back to the story: During the midst of my existential crisis my mom gave me one piece of advice I will never ever forget. She said: “Sarah, the one thing you need right now, is some social connection.” So that’s what I eventually did. Because of her wise words I started connecting … online.

One day I found myself watching a video of Matt D’Avella where he interviewed one very special guy, named Gary Vaynerchuk. My life has never been the same after that interview. There is just something about Gary that makes him so motivational. He has definitely been a big source of inspiration to start my blog and he has indirectly motivated me to start being more active on social media. I take full credit for my attempts on improving my social media skills. Even though it’s always important to realise which people gave you the juice to start flowing.

What’s that principle then?

Finally, I’m going to explain this magic formula. This principle that could change your day to day life. I call it the small fish principle. Let me explain it a little bit further. If you want to reach the big fish (people you generally look up to), you have to reach out to help and connect with the smaller fish. When you’re willing to show some humility and willingness to help your ‘local’ online community, people will begin to start noticing you. They will notice your good character instead of your bad mouth or overpowering ego. Additionaly by consistently showing up to the small fish, eventually the big fish will start to notice you. Sound easy peasy, right. Except, that it’s not! There are so many roadblocks ahead of you. Can you figure out what they are?

Which obstacles are holding you back?

I can litteraly talk for thousand hours about all the obstacles that are holding people back in achieving their goals. I will therefore give you a short list of feelings and thought patterns that could be standing in your own way to start posting more genuine pieces of content. Let’s start this new journey on social media.

1. Patience

Time is the only asset we really own. Though we tend not to make a good use of it. In one case we waste countless hours by procrastinating and watching entertainment. On the other hand we judge ourselves when we don’t work hard enough and when we have not reached that 6 figure business model by the age of 30. There is more then enough time in one day to work on your passions and work. There is still enough time on a day to start to do social media. If you love what you do, the outcome won’t really matter. It’s because we’re too consumed about the outcome that we lack the patience to go trough the process in order to reach a goal.

2. Humility

Sometimes things just don’t work out. It’s very much possible that this blog post doesn’t get any views. Stay humble and accept that you , like so many others, also have to go through this long learning process. There is nothing more dangerious then thinking that you have everything figured out. You’re not better then somebody else because you have more followers or likes.

3. The ego wants all the attention

The ego only wants. He never wants to really give back. For that same reason the ego also loves attention. There’s nothing as refreshing for the ego as some likes and comments. Don’t get me wrong. I love my ego as well. It’s the main driver of most of my daily actions. But you have to realise when it’s time to give less headspace to the ego. Cause when the ego ain’t happy, you don’t want to feed it with words of appraissal. Instead, try to focus on how you evolved during this process of self discovery. There is nothing scary or wrong about being happy with yourself, despite some current major drawbacks or failures.

4. What? No instant gratification.

We’re all dopamine addicted monkeys. We for instance have to do a digital detox in order to restore some of our attention deficits. Our ancestors would be laughing with us if they heard that. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you focus on long term growth instead of short term succes, you can lead a peacefull life with social media at your side. There is no need to do any sort of digital detox. The only real way to get your attention back, is by focussing for a longer time on one task. In other words, be mindfull about the task you’re performing. Eventually the results will follow.

5. Genuine interest

When doing social media there is no better pratice then showing some genuine interest. When I engage in a conversation there is no point of me just showing off. No, the secret lies in the word ‘enegament’ itself. Engagement has to come from both sides. You can’t except that people will follow you back if you don’t take your time to interact with them.

Practical examples on how to start again on social media:


I follow 41 channels on Twitter. These channels are my playfield. They are channels I llike to engage in. But how do I engage? If for example I notice a relevant question where I have my own unique perspective about,  I go look into the comments. Then I try to see if I can help certain people in the comment section with their questions . However, I can also just get quirky with my answers as not everything needs to get deep and inspirational. Secondly I follow almost everybody back who follows me. In other words that’s called being grateful and respecting the fact that other people have taken the time to look at your profile and started to follow you.

Social media: Twitter profile printscreen
This tweet has given me some extra following. Plus, I shared something personal that people could relate to.


This is best platform to currently be at if you want to start with social media. Mostly because of the high engagement on this platform. People on this platform are also really friendly and want to help you. Just don’t get caught up in the get rich quick scheme by only helping people when you’re trying to sell something to them. Don’t post with a hidden agenda. That doesn’t really come along with true authenticity. If you want to sell something, be direct and honest about that. Don’t try to do it in a sneaky way. Like we said before, that can maybe work in the short term. Nonetheless that can and will backfire at the long term.

Social media: LinkdIn screenshot
This was a caption I wrote because I could relate to what the author was saying.


I wish a had a great Instagram strategy. I kinda struggle with Instagram lately. The engagement has been really low. So, I don’t have any secret tips to share here. The only real strategy I have, is that you should answer your DM’s with kindness. One other tip I have learned from a marketeer is that you have to post content that people find relatable. When content is relatable, people are more likely to share or comment on your posts.

Social media fail on Instagram
Instagram is still a work in progress


For me there is only one real place I like to thrive on at Facebook and that are Facebook groups. I have to admit that I have been pretty bad at keeping up with these groups. I have been too consumed with the other social media stuff. It’s hard though to pick a group where you want to put all of your attention at. But there is no time to overthink which group to follow. Just follow the same strategies as on LinkdIn and Twitter. React with kindness and give considerate reactions. You then will eventually find out which groups you like best.

Tik Tok

I cannot give you any advice on Tik Tok. I only have one video that went “viral” for my own liking. But according to Tik Tok standards that is pretty low(170 views). Tik tok is also an ideal platform to share your ideas on a pretty large scale. There are a lot of very creative young people on that platform. It’s very refreshing to see. If you want to train your creative muscle, Tik Tok is the place to be. Participate in challnges, make your content engaging, fun and creative and you should be fine.


This is my personal favorite because you directly answer to questions from the community. It also builds your experience in writing your ideas in a compromised form. I honestly have been taking a break from quora because I felt overwhelmed. But I have currently 84.600 views on quora. I will show you the metrics in a picture below. If you post regullary it’s a very powerfull medium to say the least.

With so many ideas and possibilities, what’s really holding you back? Post your answers and maybe we can make a second blog post where I answer some of these questions.

Conclusion on how to start with social media:

So the small fish principle is the principle I give when I advice people to start on social media. You will reach out to the smaller fish by answering and commenting on their posts. It’s also important to really care about the other person during that process and give genuine advice. By posting a lot you will get noticed. This will give you the leverage to grow your social media profile. The most importnant roadblocks for people are patience, lack of instant gratification, the need of staying humble and the needs of your ego. But if a small fish like me can do this , then there is really nothing holding you back.

If you don’t like the process, you will never appreciate the end result either.

Now it’s your turn. I challenge you to start creating together with me. Share your results with me by tagging me in your captions. I will give a considerate look at all of your work. I pinky promise you. (without the pinky then.)

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