Hi, I’m Sarah Thooft And Here's My Story

I have always been known to be a fragile human being. It’s time to change that and become anti-fragile. This blog is made to document that journey in order to help me and others. 



This has two meanings:

  • I’m first of all a medical doctor 
  • Secondly I’m also called miss decibel because of my loud voice.


We’re trying to podcast over here. My alias is miss decibel! 

Currently only in Dutch. But maybe there are some future plans for an English version?

Amateur writer

I love to write. That’s about it. No special talent to brag about it. 


At least that’s what I will try to do in the next months.

Document all the struggles. Keep the raw material. Show your fragile side to become anti-fragile. 

Professional foodie

I can eat, taste and review every little bread crumb I get. Always hungry for more.

Take me out on a coffee date and I will pay for the cake!

belgian girl

Belgium, the country that’s barely visible on the world map and the country that owns the world record for longest period without a government

At least we make good chocolate and that’s all what really matters. 


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