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The perks of being a polymath

This month I'm learning three skills, like I have shared in my latest blog post. I'm taking time to learn Excel Pivot tables, Intermediate French and the ultimate basics of drawing.
I'm doing this to become more adaptable in this fast-changing modern climate. Technology is slowly taking over our lives and our traditional views are being challenged. Potentially you will not do the same job over ten years as you are doing right now. This emphasizes the importance of being able to learn new skills in a condensed time period.
Don't wait until tomorrow to start learning new skills. You cannot be better than average if you do everything what average people do.

In order to become exceptional well, you have to behave like people who are exceptional well!

Stories and articles I would love to share

Newsletter from Mark Manson
The newsletter of Mark Manson is literally one of the best newsletters you could subscribe to. Previous week he wrote about how violence and crime in movies actually reduce crime rates, how making drugs legal can actually lower drug use and why long prison sentences are not always the solution.

As Martin Luther King famously said,
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Excerpt of his newsletter:

"It’s time to stop denying the dark side of our nature. We’re all sick twisted f*cks to some extent. The denial of that fact only encourages more destruction. It’s only by accepting it that we can bring it into the light."

Funny enough I experienced this phenomena last week during my doctor's practice. A patient was very angry at me during a phone call. The newsletter of Mark Manson made me realize that there was no reason to fight back but that I had to see this call as an opportunity to empathize with this angry and mentally broken patient.

How to become a doctor for fun
This concept is slightly adapted from the concept Ali Abdaal recently shared in his online content. Ali is a junior doctor who studied in Cambridge. Besides his job as a doctor he is also an entrepreneur and a YouTuber. He has recently shown in one of his videos how he makes more money from these activities than from his job as a doctor.
In his last video he said that he wanted to do this doctor thing mostly for fun. He did not want to become a doctor to become rich. He wanted to become rich from his other income sources. This idea sounds very interesting to me.
Why could this be beneficial to you:
  • You become more creative in your regular job because you can transfer the creativity that you use in your other jobs.
  • You have less chance to become burned out because of the variety in your work days.
  • Enthusiasm gives you energy! This is energy you will need during this high demanding job. Let us be honest; being an employee can be very demanding!
  • You don't take your job less serious. You are even more serious about it when you are working! You work more in short bursts of productivity and you don't have to work lengthy and unproductive days.
  • You become less fragile because you have multiple income streams. You could almost call yourself financially "independent".
  • Your intentions are better. You don't become a doctor to make a lot of money but because you really care about other humans.
  • You have a reason to become a polymath. You must become a polymath to expand your skill set in order to create these multiple streams of income.
There are reasons enough to do your main job just for fun!

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I share all the anxieties and vulnerabilities that come along with choosing to recover from an eating disorder.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and yet so many Americans are left to fight this battle without the coverage, support, and resources they need.
- Ted Deutch

How to learn new skills and become hyper-adaptable?

Introduction Recently, I decided to choose for full responsibility of my mental health problems. I decided to go all-in like Stephanie Buttermore. This is a theme I will tell more about in the next paragraph. In this blog post I will share my new strategy to learn three new skills every month in order to become a hyper-adaptable monkey! Maybe …
How to learn new skills and become hyper-adaptable?

Existentialism As A Way To Live Your Life

Existentialism As A Way To Live Your Life
Introduction I have been widely interested in the human mind and the ability of the human to think about its own human existence. I think we have all once in our lifetime experienced an existential crisis. A crisis where you get confronted with the nothingness and meaningless of life. This crisis will lead to severe anxious feelings. Maybe there is …
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